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Sister Lucy Has Been Silenced!

Sister Lucy has been silenced. There is no doubt about it. For over 25 years, Sister Lucy has not been allowed to tell the world the full message of Our Lady of Fatima. Some people find this shocking, others do not believe it. They somehow think that to acknowledge the truth is to be unfaithful to the Church. But without question Sister Lucy is silenced.

For those who still doubt that Sister Lucy has been silenced by some "officials" we need only reflect on the following facts. In the July-August 1982 issue of one U.S.A. journal it was alleged that in May 1982, Sister Lucy had stated that the Consecration of Russia was done according to the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. This false story, this crude hoax,1 was reported around the world and believed by many people. Sister Lucy's first official opportunity to deny this outright falsehood was given to her, only on March 19, 1983.

On that date the Pope's representative to Portugal went to Coimbra. His Grace, Archbishop Portalupi went specifically to meet Sister Lucy. He brought with him two witnesses. Sister Lucy had prepared a written statement. It was on that historic occasion that Sister Lucy then and there denied the aforementioned false report of the alleged May 1982 interview. She said:

"The Consecration of Russia has not been made as Our Lady has demanded," and "I could not say so because I did not have the permission of the Holy See."

Thus in this important matter, upon which the peace of the whole world depends, namely the Consecration of Russia, the whole world was misled for nine months because Sister Lucy, from August 1982 until March 1983, was not allowed to speak. It is obvious that she was silenced. She has remained so to this day.

Despite Sister Lucy's incontestable interview of March 19, 1983 with Archbishop Portalupi, still to this day, May 1986, the bogus interview of May 1982 is still widely believed by people of goodwill. As a result of this false report, which to this date is still not retracted by those who published it, the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima have succeeded in stopping the faithful from petitioning the Pope for the Consecration of Russia.

The faithful would do this if they were not kept in ignorance by the silencing of Sister Lucy. If only the truth were plainly known to the world. If only people knew that the annihilation of nations can only be avoided if the Pope and the bishops, together on one specific day, consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The faithful if they knew these facts would indeed rise up and respectfully insist that the Pope and the bishops do their duty to properly consecrate Russia.

It is because Sister Lucy is silenced (except for rare occasions when Sister Lucy is allowed to make an official statement to a select few people) that the publishers of the alleged May 1982 interview are still able to not withdraw their false story.

These people at the same time maintain the appearance of credibility as a worthy source of Fatima information. Many of the faithful are thus kept in ignorance by the silencing of Sister Lucy. Worse yet these faithful are positively misled and deceived as to what Sister Lucy really thinks and says in her rare official statements.

This practice of spreading disinformation, due to the fact that Sister Lucy is silenced, started many years ago. It goes back to over 25 years ago. There was an authentic interview, officially given by Sister Lucy to Father Fuentes on December 26, 1957.

During that authentic interview, reported in The Fatima Crusader issue No. 19, "Authentic Prophetic Interview With Sister Lucy Of Fatima", Sister Lucy discussed the blatant disregard of the Message of Fatima by both "the good" and "the bad". She went on to relate how "many nations would disappear from the face of the earth" as a result of ignoring the Message of Our Lady of Fatima. She spoke of the countless number of souls that would go to hell as a result of this attitude of ignoring Our Lady's truly urgent warning.

As a result of the courageous publication of this interview, Father Fuentes received a totally unmerited and unprecedented persecution from some anonymous official in the Diocese of Coimbra, where Sister Lucy lives. This nameless, faceless, non-existent "official" published anonymously in the bulletin of that Diocese, without indicating how he knew, that Sister Lucy did not say what Father Fuentes reported her as saying.

Common sense, as well as the principles of law, inform us that a statement made by an anonymous official has no real authoritative value and this is for several reasons.

First of all, there is no way to authenticate, to verify, by asking the person who alleges to have this above-mentioned information regarding Sister Lucy, if, in fact, it is true and ask him how he knows it. Since there is no way to verify such a statement, since there is no one willing to take responsibility for making such a statement, we can presume that it never was made.

Secondly, the fact that an official makes a statement is not enough to make it an "official statement" because it is a principle of the natural law which applies both to civil as well as to ecclesiastical law that if an official is not willing to take responsibility by being publicly identifiable for his orders or statements, then his statements in fact are null and void and have no authority in law.

First Father Alonso, the official archivist for the Bishop of Fatima in 1971, adopted the "official" position of the Curia of Coimbra. However, he too, after studying the matter in depth came to the defense of Father Fuentes by 1976.

He then said, "The authentic text, which in justice is the only one attributable to Father Fuentes, in my opinion contains nothing which gave rise to the condemnatory note of Coimbra. Much to the contrary, it reinforces a doctrine which is very apt to piously edify the Christian people." By 1976, Father Alonso knew that neither Father Fuentes nor Sister Lucy has misled the world by the report of this authentic interview.

In a recent issue, a Marian organization has the audacity to still refer to an anonymous official in the Diocese of Coimbra, presuming to speak in Sister Lucy's name, stating that she never told Father Fuentes what he reported to the world. No one has been allowed to ask Sister Lucy officially, publicly and then to publish what the truth of the matter is for over 25 years. If Sister Lucy told a spokesman of the Diocese this, why, after 25 years, do we not have his identification? Why is it that Sister Lucy is not allowed to speak for herself to make such a declaration?

We know that the Archbishop of Father Fuentes publicly defended his priest and that even the Cardinal of Mexico publicly defended the veracity of the interview of Father Fuentes with Sister Lucy.

Despite the campaign of misinformation foisted on the public to the contrary, Sister Lucy was asked by Our Lady to reveal the Third Secret to the world by 1960 at the latest. Sister Lucy fully wishes to adhere to Our Lady's command but has not been permitted. In 1967, according to one Fatima expert, she personally appealed to Pope Paul VI that he reveal the Secret to the world, but he refused.

Alas, despite the fact that the Patriarch of Lisbon had personally promised Sister Lucy that he would reveal the Secret to the world in 1960, he was not able to do so since the text had been removed by some people in the Vatican. (See Frère Michel's article, "The Third Secret Revealed" Issue 20, of The Fatima Crusader.)

It is because Sister Lucy speaks too clearly that she has been silenced. It is because she has been silenced that the Message of Fatima is not sufficiently known to the world. It is because she has been silenced and Our Lady has been disobeyed that our enemies and God's enemies continue to advance over the face of the earth.


See 1."Anonymous 1982 "Interview" Of Lucia - A Crude Hoax" of this book.

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