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Why We Must Not Ignore The Message Of Fatima

If we had already listened to Our Lady of Fatima, then we would not have had:

  • 55,000,000 violent deaths in World War II - a very great number were Christians.
  • 130,000,000 is the estimated number of violent deaths since 1917 as a result of Russia's "errors being spread" behind the iron and bamboo curtains.
  • 50,000,000 murders of innocent babies by abortion per year in our world, some are paid for by your taxes through Social Health Plans, etc.

All this evil is caused by sin. All these things happened because we ignored Our Lady of Fatima.

Worse still will happen if:

  • We do not convert
  • We do not heed Our Lady of Fatima


  • Entire nations will be annihilated
  • Many will go to hell forever
  • Whole world including U.S.A. and Canada will be enslaved by Russia.

  • No Other Peace Plan Will Work, No Other Way Is There To Avoid Nuclear Destruction

    Marxism, Leninism, Communism is anti-Christ. Marx taught a satanic doctrine based on hatred of God and hatred of Man. Violence is the logical result of his errors. Lenin applied this doctrine in an organized way, imposing it on Russia. Lenin in 7 years was responsible for 20 million corpses. Stalin consolidated this system of organized murder and exported it to the world. As a result Stalin is responsible for 46 million corpses in 29 years. Russian communism continues to expand and impose by force its satanic anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Catholic system of slavery and death. Only obedience to Our Lady of Fatima will stop this apocalyptic beast by converting Russia.

    We must choose, if I decide I can ignore it, or I don't have to obey this message I have chosen wrongly.

    Your choice:


    The consequences -

    "If My requests are granted Russia will be converted and there will be peace."

    ... Our Lady of Fatima

    "If people do what I tell you many souls will be saved."

    ... Our Lady of Fatima


    The consequences -

    • Many souls will go to hell forever.
    • "If My requests are not granted Russia will spread its errors throughout the world raising up wars and persecution against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer. VARIOUS NATIONS WILL BE ANNIHILATED."

    ... Our Lady of Fatima

    Our Heavenly Mother Came To Fatima To Give Us A Message And Offer Her Help

    • Because She loves us very much.
    • Because we are in great danger.
    • This urgent message is authenticated by one of the most stupendous miracles of all time - witnessed by 100,000 people.
    • The Church recognizes this Fatima Message comes from God.
    • We cannot ignore Fatima: we must obey or pay dearly.
    • Because only Our Lady can help us in this crisis.

    ... Message of Fatima July 13, 1917

    St. Augustine explains that certain special favors and graces are obtained from Jesus Christ only through the intercession of the Saints. This is because God wants us to realize that it is through the merits of the Saint and not our own that He has granted this favor to us. At Fatima we are told that the grace of world peace and freedom will only come to us through the merits and intercession of Our Heavenly Mother.

    To wilfully ignore the plea of Our Heavenly Mother would be a serious sin. Of this, Bishop Graber of Germany has said, "Knowing that the world can be utterly destroyed by the terrible weapons of mass destruction today and knowing too that this can be averted by prayer and penance as the Most Holy Virgin reminded us at Fatima, it is my sacred obligation to utilize these twin means of salvation, prayer and penance. Neglecting them I incur guilt in the destruction of the peoples. The omission of prayer and penance - I say this in all seriousness - is a crime against humanity."


    What Must We Do?

    Our Lady made these requests of everyone:

    • "Amend your lives and ask pardon for sin"
    • "People must not continue to offend our Lord as He is already too much offended"
    • Do your daily duty each day
    • Keep the commandments of God
    • Pray the Rosary every day
    • Wear the Scapular of Mount Carmel always
    • Consecrate yourself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
    • Make acts of reparation to the Immaculate Heart especially on the first Saturdays of the month.

    Our Lady also commanded, in God's name, the Pope and the bishops to consecrate RUSSIA to the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY.

    This specific request means that:

    • The Pope
    • All the Catholic bishops
    • On one specific day publicly and solemnly consecrate Russia specifically and clearly to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    The Pope and the bishops are duty bound to obey Our Lady:
    Pope John Paul II wants to consecrate Russia. But the grace (the moral strength and the necessary wisdom) needed to make this solemn and public and collegial act of the Catholic bishops will be given by God to the bishops only "When a sufficient number of people are complying with the Message of Fatima".

    Only when the Pope and the bishops obey this command of Our Lady of Fatima will peace be given to the world.

    What Else Should We Do?

    - Above all fulfilling the requests of Our Lady given above in our own lives.
    - We should spread the Message of Fatima to everyone:

    • by conversations,
    • by letters,
    • by spreading: leaflets, booklets, books on the Message of Fatima,
    • by tapes and by lectures, and
    • by inviting the Pilgrim Virgin Statue to your area.
    - By petitioning our bishops to support Pope John Paul II's efforts to consecrate Russia:
    • get others to join you in petitioning the bishops.
    - By praying for a religious order of the Apostles of the Latter Times to spread devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Our Lady Will Protect Her Dear Ones

    For those who are concerned that the Collegial Act of Consecration will not take place in time, and nuclear war will occur, we wish to assure them that for those who have consecrated themselves to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart and have lived the Message of Fatima, Our Lady will protect them even though other people around them have not done their part to fulfill Our Lady's requests to bring peace to the world. This was strikingly demonstrated when the atomic blast struck Hiroshima in August 1945.

    "The power of the Fatima Message was underscored for the whole world during the atomic explosion at Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. A German Jesuit and seven of his colleagues were living only eight blocks from the blinding center of the nuclear flash, yet all escaped while flaming death screamed all around them. To this day, all eight occupants of that building are alive and well while others living some distance away continue to die from the radiation effects of that frightful holocaust. Over the years some two hundred scientists have examined these eight survivors, trying to discover what could have spared them from incineration or the lethal storm of radiation. Speaking on TV in the United States, the German Jesuit, Father Hubert Shiffner, gave the startling answer. 'In that house the Rosary was prayed every day. In that house, we were living the Message of Fatima.' His words seemed to underline Sister Lucy's statement in 1977: Our Lady will protect all Her dear ones'."

    Remember if the worst comes to pass have confidence in Our Lady of Fatima for She has promised:

    "But in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father (and the remaining bishops) will consecrate Russia to Me. Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be given to mankind."



    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

    Between 1917 and 1931 "the Russian Communist Government carried on a systematic decimation of the Catholic Church existing within the confines of pre-Soviet Russia, destroying within a time span of a little over 13 years 5 dioceses, 681 parishes and 980 churches; in the process a total of 13 bishops, 912 priests and approximately 1,600,000 of the faithful were arrested, scattered or deported" ("The Silent Church", Gussoni and Brunello, Veritas Publishers, 1954; page 15). An accurate assessment of the situation in Russia today is not possible.

    A study made by a team of research specialists for the Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives and released late in 1964, reported: "The fate of the Catholic Church in the USSR and countries occupied by the Russians from 1917 to 1959 shows the following: (a) the number killed: 55 bishops; 12,800 priests and monks; 2.5 million Catholic believers; (b) imprisoned or deported: 199 bishops; 32,000 priests and 10 million believers; (c) 15,700 priests were forced to abandon their priesthood and accept other jobs; and (d) 8,334 theological seminaries were dissolved; 1,600 monasteries were nationalized, 31,779 churches were closed, 400 newspapers were prohibited, and all Catholic organizations were dissolved."

    Lenin in seven years was responsible for 20 million corpses. Stalin in 29 years was responsible for 46 million corpses. Mao and Communists in China were responsible for 70 million corpses.

    Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 predicted the rise and spread of Atheistic Communism starting in Russia.

    - If only we had listened to Her, then 1,537,829,000 enslaved people today would be free.
    - If only we had listened to Her, billions of dollars of your taxes would not now be spent on defense budgets.
    - If only we had listened to Her, over 130 million people murdered in Communist states by the Communists would not have had to suffer violent deaths.

    We cannot continue to ignore Our Lady of Fatima's commands, otherwise soon the whole world will be enslaved and scourged by Russian Communism and various nations will be annihilated.

    When enough people listen to Our Lady then the Pope and bishops will consecrate Russia as She commanded, Russia will be converted, the enslaved freed, and peace given to the world.

    - Can we continue to pay this human cost of disobedience to God?
    - Do we need to be enslaved before we accept Our Lady of Fatima's advice to us?

    Can't You Hear Their Cries? - This was the title of a letter in which Joseph Cardinal Hoefner of Cologne lashed out at Communist persecution of Christians. He said: "I am not talking about the violation of human rights in general, but about the persecution of Christians". Noting hardships inflicted on Catholics by Communist regimes in Europe, Asia and parts of Africa, he said: "It is significant that those states which persecute Christianity never give figures on how many priests and believers are killed, how many churches are closed or destroyed, and how many are prevented from studying for the priesthood ... Our age, notwithstanding the talk of progress and civilization, is more stained with martyrs' blood than any other in human history."