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We print here the Theological Reflections on the Act of Consecration of the world performed by Pope John Paul II in Fatima.

(Reflections On The Act Of Consecration)

Section XV

Father Joseph de Sainte-Marie explains in theological terms what took place May 13, 1982, in Fatima. That consecration was essentially the same one used on March 25, 1984, as Pope John Paul II himself has said, and therefore these reflections are still valid even for the later Act of Consecration.

Since both of them did not fulfill Our Lady of Fatima's request, these reflections help to elucidate that which is still needed to be done by the Pope and the bishops. Furthermore, these reflections enable those who have approached Fatima from a scholarly standpoint to realize that there is much more to this most important Fatima request than was conceded by some scholars.

This article originally appeared in the prestigious theological journal "Marianum, - Ephemerides Mariologiae", published in Rome (issue of 1982, reference Annus XLIV, Fasc. I-II, No. 128, pages 88-142).

It is with permission of the author given personally to Father Gruner that we reprint it here.