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The Message Of Fatima Imposes An Obligation On The Church

During his pilgrimage to Fatima on May 13, 1982, Pope John Paul II has said: The Message of Fatima imposes an obligation on the whole Church. In explaining this affirmation of the Pope, Father Gruner, with extraordinary vigor, gives many reasons why the whole Church must listen to Our Lady of Fatima.

Dear Friend of Our Lady:

Is it not true that we "must not despise prophecy (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21) but test all things and hold fast to that which is good"? And has not the Fatima Message been tested and found to be good by five successive Pontiffs, including Pope John Paul II? And, therefore, since it has been found to be good, must we not all hold fast to these commands of God for our time?

And is it not true that the Angelic Doctor, Saint Thomas Aquinas teaches that God sends prophets to every generation to remind the faithful what they must do to save their souls? Pope John Paul II says, "The Message of Fatima is more relevant and more urgent today than it was 65 years ago." Therefore, are we not bound to obey Our Lady of Fatima, since God, who does nothing uselessly, sent His Mother the Queen of Prophets to Sister Lucy at Fatima to give this message for our times?

And is it not true that Jesus rebuked the city Capharnaum in these words: "And thou, Capharnaum, shalt thou be exalted to Heaven? Thou shalt be thrust down to hell! For if the miracles had been worked in Sodom that have been worked in thee, perhaps it would have remained to this day." (Matthew 11:23)

Therefore, does it not follow that when God authenticates and certifies His Message by miracles that this imposes an obligation to believe and to obey His commands that are so authenticated?

And is it not true that the miracle of Fatima was one of the greatest miracles God worked; it was a sign in the heavens? Even the Pharisees said they would have believed in Jesus had they seen such a sign from Him, and yet Jesus refused to give them this sign but reserved it for our time. And, therefore, do we not have a greater obligation to believe and obey, considering the greatness and number of miracles worked in Fatima? Jesus said that even the city of Sodom, which was destroyed for its sins, by fire from Heaven - would perhaps have repented had it seen the miracles worked in Capharnaum. Yet the miracle of Fatima is much greater than these miracles. And thus, are we not obliged to believe and obey much more?

And is it not true we are even more bound to obey when we see all the prophecies made by Our Lady of Fatima being fulfilled before our eyes? The fulfillment of prophecy - also certainly proves the truth of this message and that it comes from God. This is so because Vatican Council I solemnly teaches the real miracles and prophecies constitute the surest signs of God's revelation.

And is it not true that the Church is built upon the Apostles and the Prophets (see Ephesians 2:20, see also 1 Corinthians 12:28)? The Prophets referred to are the prophets of the New Testament.

And is it not true that the Church today is built upon the successors of the Apostles? The Pope is successor of Saint Peter, the Prince of the Apostles, the Rock upon which Christ founded His Church and the Catholic Bishops in Communion with the Pope are the successors of the other Apostles.

And is it not true the Church is still built upon the prophets of the New Testament, not only those prophets who lived at the time the New Testament was being written, but also their successors who are living today in the New Covenant? This covenant is renewed at each Holy Sacrifice of the Mass when the priest offers the Chalice of the New and Eternal Testament. These prophets of our time receive messages from God to be transmitted to the Catholic Faithful and people of good will everywhere. As Pope John Paul II said, the Message of Our Lady of Fatima is "addressed to every human being."

Is it not, therefore, true that Sister Lucy of Fatima, who is still alive, and her two cousins, Francisco and Jacinta, who died in 1919 and 1920, also were in the sense of scripture - prophets of the New Testament giving a message to the whole Church?

And is it not, therefore, true that the Church has recognized this role and vocation of Sister Lucy and her two cousins by recognizing the authenticity of the Fatima Message?

And is it not, therefore, true that once the Pope and the appropriate local bishops have recognized the Message of Fatima as coming from God that the Faithful are bound to obey this message, not as obeying the prophet but as obeying God Who has used the prophet to transmit His message to the Faithful?

And is it not also true that the Pope and all the Catholic Bishops must also obey the Message of Fatima, not only in those requests that are addressed to all the Faithful, but also specifically in those requests that have been addressed to them exclusively and explicitly?

And is it not true that this obedience requesting the Consecration of Russia and which is owed to God by the Pope and the bishops is a serious duty? The very peace of the whole world awaits and depends upon the obedience of the bishops to this Command of God and Our Lady. In fact, several nations will be entirely wiped out - ANNIHILATED - if the Catholic Bishops do not fulfill this simple request of Our Lady of Fatima in time. Above all, the salvation of many souls depends upon the bishops' obedience.

Furthermore, is it not true

that the preservation of the Faith and the full freedom of the Roman Catholic Church, especially in Communist-dominated lands, is dependent upon the obedience of this request by God that the Pope and the bishops perform this Act of Consecration? It is the only means whereby Russia will be converted and thereby will stop persecuting the Church and spreading among the Faithful everywhere - errors against the Faith.

And, therefore, since the Faith itself is in danger and the salvation of many souls is in jeopardy due to the lack of compliance of the Pope and the bishops to this Command of God, is it not justified and even demanded that we resist by whatever legitimate means at our disposal, those bishops who show themselves opposed to fulfilling this request of Our Lady of Fatima?

Saint Robert Bellarmine, who is a Saint and Doctor of the Catholic Church, teaches that we must resist, even with physical force if necessary, those bishops who do things which endanger the Catholic Faith. There is no greater danger to the Faith today than Marxism as both Our Lady of Fatima tells us as well as recently, Cardinal Ratzinger. Since there is no other solution but the Consecration of Russia by the bishops in the form prescribed by Our Lady, surely our resistance is justified and now necessary, since it is over 56 years ago that Our Lady said, "The Moment has now come for the Pope, together with all the bishops of the world, to Consecrate Russia to My Immaculate Heart." No other means will work, since Jesus said He would "save Russia by this means."

In light of the foregoing facts, are we not duty bound to resist prelates who, while enjoying external freedom from Government interference, do not positively show themselves in favor of obeying this request of Our Lady of Fatima?

Therefore, dear friends, we ask you to do your duty in doing what you can to bring about the Collegial Consecration of Russia. We remind you that the Holy Pontiffs, together with Vatican Council I and the Oecumenical Council of Lyons solemnly defined and taught that each member of the Faithful may appeal directly to the Pope in any matter that pertains to Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. Therefore, since the hour is grave and it is very late, we beg you to appeal to the Pope for a ruling so that we can (if he so rules that it is right) use whatever legitimate means we can to get the bishops to obey Our Lady of Fatima. For Cardinal Gagnon, who works in the Vatican, says that it is up to the laity to get the bishops to obey the Pope. In answer to the question how to get obedience to a certain Vatican document, Cardinal Gagnon replied, "But whatever is in the document will not be implemented unless the Catholic community demands it. They can say we are not going to give one more cent to the parish or to the Church until you obey. And then they can give their money to other places, that are genuinely Catholic, genuinely obedient to the teachings of the Holy See."

Would this teaching of Cardinal Gagnon not apply even more to getting the bishops to obey Our Lady? Is this not especially so because only by the Consecration of Russia by the Catholic Bishops as Our Lady of Fatima requested, will we be saved from open Marxist attack and world-wide Marxist oppression with the consequent loss of many souls and the danger to our own salvation under their terrible persecution?