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Why We Must Not Wait

by Father Nicholas Gruner, B. Comm., S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

The hour is late. The message of Fatima tells us that God will use Russia as a scourge of mankind for its sins, if we do not obtain beforehand the conversion of Russia. In particular, the sins of abortion, in which tens of millions of unborn babies are slaughtered each year, cry out to Heaven for vengeance. Is there any way for mankind to avoid this well-merited chastisement, which is certain to come? Yes, there is one way and only one way: to obtain the conversion of Russia first. How are we to do this? By getting Russia properly consecrated.

If we Catholics do not heed Our Lady's requests soon, entire nations will be annihilated, completely wiped out. If the Catholic bishops do not obey Our Lady of Fatima soon, the whole world, including Canada and the United States, will be enslaved by Communist Russia.

Why We Must Now Renew Our Efforts To Have Russia Properly Consecrated

There are some people1 who work on the Message of Fatima who say to us, or say to you "Wait, before we petition the Pope and the bishops for the Consecration of Russia, wait some time. Wait years, perhaps we should wait until 1988, the year of the 1,000th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia on the Banks of the River Kiev." They seem to reason that if the conversion of Russia has not taken place by then, then we can know to our own satisfaction that the Consecration of Russia has not taken place. In answer, let us say briefly, we already know beyond any reasonable doubt that the Consecration of Russia according to Our Lady of Fatima's request has not taken place.

We have already dealt with this question at length. We have shown and demonstrated that Sister Lucy has officially spoken to the Papal Nuncio and clearly indicated what conditions are necessary to be fulfilled. She spoke in 1982 on March 21, and again on March 19, 1983, and she has shown that all that the Pope and the bishops have done up to now have not fulfilled the request of Our Lady to Consecrate Russia. We can reason clearly and simply from this clear statement of Sister Lucy that even after March 25, 1984, the Consecration of Russia, according to the formula of Our Lady of Fatima that She enunciated in the name of the Holy Trinity, has not taken place.

The Pope, himself, on March 25, 1984, said clearly that the Consecration of Russia has still not taken place. He said that Our Lady is still waiting for certain people to be Consecrated to Her, even after he consecrated the world.

When The Dam Breaks

These people who argue for waiting because they cannot reason through something which is very clear, remind us of a real situation in America where there are some dams. Already the dams are in danger of breaking because the amount of moisture in the ground around the dams is too high. It has passed what is safely allowed. Thus, the dams could break, we were informed, at any time. Some of the engineers are arguing, 'but let us wait, even though it has gone below the safety level, let us wait and see what happens.' What will they answer when the ground breaks and the dams fall and thousands of people are drowned?

What will these protagonists of the Message of Fatima answer when Russia overruns the United States and the world, because we waited too long, and because we did not do our part to see that the Pope and the bishops consecrate Russia according to the specific directions given by Our Lady at Fatima?

And so, to those who tell us "wait, let us see, let us wait for three years" we reply, "who is to say that in three years' time, the whole world will not be under Soviet domination and that the Pope will not be able any longer to communicate with the Catholic bishops around the world. How long will we be enslaved before God has Mercy on us and by some miraculous communication to the Pope and all the bishops, allows them to finally obey this command of God?"

Punishment For Disobedience To God

The Jews were carried off into slavery for forty years, in the Babylonian captivity which lasted from 587 B.C. to 547 B.C. The Holy City of Jerusalem, itself, was taken captive because they decided to wait. They decided to not listen to the prophet that God had sent them. We are not suggesting that we should listen to every person that comes by, who supposedly has a message from God. However in this case, Sister Lucy has been certified by God Himself, by the great Miracle of the Sun which took place before 100,000 witnesses, a number of whom are still alive today. Furthermore, the Catholic Church, after a thorough examination, has recognized the Message of Our Lady of Fatima that was given to Sister Lucy as indeed coming from God. So we know that Sister Lucy is truly a prophet of God.

What is so surprising is that in response to such simple and easy requests of God, many leaders, people, and even some priests and bishops, work so hard to oppose this Message of Mercy and Love. They do this so as to try to impose their own ill-conceived, man-made solutions to the problems of the world. Surely, if God has gone to such trouble to show us the way out of this nuclear dilemma, if He has gone to such trouble to offer Mercy for us for such a little effort on our part, it is an insult to Him and to Our Lady to ignore His requests. Such ignoring on our part cannot be without sin, cannot but make us more worthy of punishment as we have explained in Issue No. 11/12 of "The Fatima Crusader" in the article, "World Peace Depends on the Catholic Bishops and You."*

in this book. "The Annihilation of Various Nations, as prophesied at Fatima, will result if an insufficient number of people respond to the Fatima requests"* See

So let us not wait. Let us redouble our efforts because (1) It is clear the Consecration has not taken place, and (2) It is also clear that Russian Communism has not changed one iota or one whit. It is still anti-Christ, anti-Catholic, anti-God, and anti-man. There are many proofs of this. It was, for example, demonstrated clearly by the shooting of the Pope in St. Peter's Square on May 13, 1981 by Agca. Mr. Agca has freely confessed to the press that he was put up to this assassination attempt by the K.G.B. (Russian Secret Police). He was offered one million dollars or so to shoot the Pope.

The Whole World Groans

The persecution of our brothers in Christ, our brothers in the Catholic Faith, continues in China and North Korea, in Albania, Lithuania and Russia and other parts of the world under Communist domination. Let us then realize the urgency of the hour. We can see, even in our own society in North America, that the devil and his henchmen, the militant atheists who live in North American freedom, have succeeded in bringing about great moral decline. We witness that up to 1969, Abortion was a crime and was punished as such, and yet, since 1969, now in Canada, we have 65,000 babies murdered in their mother's womb each year, and this is done with the protection of the law. In the United States, one and a half million babies are murdered each year. One and a half million (1,500,000) babies murdered! And some of these murderers are paid by you. The abortionists, or more exactly, the murderers are paid with your tax money.

Jesus Weeps Today

We cannot but observe that attendance at Mass has fallen off drastically. People go less and less to Confession and yet increasing numbers go to Holy Communion. We hear of Communion Hosts, because of the practice of Communion in the Hand, being found even in Cathedral benches after Mass. One Archbishop told me this personally; and yet nothing sufficiently effective is done to protect the most precious and greatest gift the Church has, the Most Blessed Sacrament. We see the erosion of Faith in so-called Catholic school books which are not Catholic. These books preach heresy, teach heresy. And we see some Bishops not only sit idly by, but in their National Conference Commission on Catechetics, they actually recommend these texts. I'm thinking of the "Jesus Book" in particular, as I know that it clearly is heretical, as I have pointed out to a Catholic American Bishop. It was no misprint; it had the same heresy at least sixteen times on various pages throughout the book. It was the Nestorian Heresy which denies that Mary is the Mother of God and denies that Jesus is one person with two natures, Divine and Human.

We see that all sorts of liturgical changes have been foisted upon the people and that, as a result of this, as well as other factors, that Mass attendance has fallen way off. For example, in the Province of Quebec, which was at one time a staunch and fervent Catholic part of the world, now more than 50% of the people do not attend Mass on a regular basis. And this is happening not only in Quebec but around the world.

Further Evidence of Russia's Errors Poisoning Us

We see our seminaries being emptied and seminarians continuing to complain about heresies being taught by the professors. This is not a new phenomenon. It has been going on for over fifteen years and yet no vigorous action is being taken to combat the poisoning of the minds of the seminarians, our future priests. It is by this means that the minds of both clergy and laity are being poisoned by false doctrine.

These subversive so-called professors of theology are allowed to continue to pass out their venom under the guise of Catholic doctrine, because, as some bishops say, they can do nothing because the priests and professors in question have tenure at our universities and "I" have no control over that. What could be done is to excommunicate the heretics so that they are no longer able to pretend to the public that they are still Catholic. The very least that should be done is that they be warned once to revise their theology or to be publicly declared heretical.

The list goes on and on. It all happens because the Pope and the bishops have not yet consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is in part due to the fact that Communist Russia has deviously endeavored to poison the minds of Church leaders against the Full Message of Our Lady of Fatima. Also, the people have not sufficiently heeded Our Lady's requests, thereby depriving the Pope and the bishops of the necessary graces they need to obey God's Command given to them through the Message of Fatima.

Furthermore, Russia, through her various and many agents inside and outside the Church, continues to try to further break down the Faith of Catholics. By destroying our Faith, we Catholics can then be overcome by their propaganda war.2

It Is To Save Russia

Russia is helped secretly but powerfully by the militant atheists of the West who prop up this regime that would have folded years ago. If it were not for the continued economic support from the West and the selective silence of the mass media, Russian Communism could not have lasted this long. Russia has been chosen by the devil to fight against the Church. The other militant atheists around the world rally to support Communist Russia by whatever means they can.

It is not because Our Lady of Fatima is against Russia or because She doesn't like the Russian people, nor is it because The Fatima Crusader, or people who work in the Fatima Apostolate are against Russia. On the contrary, it is because we love Russia that we seek to remove this cancer of militant atheism, which has taken over the State and the resources of the people of Russia. We see this cancer there and we know the only way to get rid of it is by obeying Our Lady of Fatima.

Russians Need Not Feel Insulted

It has been suggested that a Russian might be insulted if we were lo ask for the Consecration of Russia. It is unfortunate if any good Russian citizen would feel insulted by this request. It is only due to a misunderstanding on the part of that Russian that he should feel thus.

To explain ourselves let us consider that a church is dedicated to God for the exclusive service of God. If this consecrated building is desecrated by a very serious crime committed there, it must be rededicated, reconsecrated to God by the Bishop before it can be used again for the public service of God.

Now the fact is, that Holy Russia has been horribly desecrated by a very terrible crime committed against her by outside people. Some Russians have cooperated with the outside militant atheists and have thereby also been responsible for forcing the Russian people to put their resources and labor into the service of the devil, who uses Russia to fight the Church of God, that is the Catholic Church.

The imposition of the Atheistic State upon Russia by the International militant atheistic network is not a crime of Russia. But rather, it is a criminal act against God perpetrated in that country by outsiders. Since Russia has a holy vocation from God and this sacrilege has been committed there, God asks that reparation be made by rededicating the country and the peoples of Russia to God's service through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. (We have explained this at length in The Fatima Crusader, Issue No. 11-12, "World Peace Depends on the Catholic Bishops and You" and Issue No. 16, "Why God Asks For This Act of Consecration of Russia."*

of this book. "Russia Enslaved and Used by the Devil to Fight God"* See

The Most Holy Trinity has sent the Blessed Virgin Mary to command that the Pope and bishops dedicate and consecrate specifically Russia to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This fact should be a cause of great rejoicing for any Russian who truly loves his country and his people. To think that God has chosen them to be consecrated and set aside in this unique manner, for the special service of God is indeed an honor. We can see by this choice of God that He loves the Russian people in a very special way.Russia Compared To Saint Paul

Communist Russia, like Saul, persecutes the Church of God. Jesus, through the prayers of the Catholic people, converted Saul into Saint Paul - a man who was specially chosen by God to preach and teach the Gospel of Peace to the world. Russia, similarly, when it is converted to Catholicism, through the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be a chosen instrument of God to bring the Peace of God to the world. For Russia to be chosen for such an important vocation by God, indeed, is an honor and cause for joy to a true Russian.

Furthermore the false reasoning of anyone, which would suggest to us that we must not obey God and Our Lady of Fatima must clearly be rejected. God has commanded it and He knows what He is doing. It is enough for us. It is enough for any follower of Christ. Thus, we must not desist from petitioning the Pope and bishops to consecrate Russia. We must do what we can to see that this command of God is obeyed before it is too late.

Obeying God Is Not Hypocritical

Some people who have been deceived say to us "do not be hypocritical, people of the West are also sinners". They say, "Look at abortion, it is also prevalent in Europe and North America too. Our laws and social institutions are also stained with innocent blood."

We ourselves, should not be deceived by these false arguments which say the West is just as guilty as Russia and that we should not petition for the Consecration of Russia. In response, we should first note that Abortion is an unspeakable crime. The fact that the "laws" and public institutions of the West as well as of Russia are stained with innocent blood is indeed a horrible indictment of all our countries. This public and unrepented crime of our public officials has been the result of the greater sin which is Militant Atheism of a few citizens of the West. It is this same sin which is the root cause of imposing the still greater sin of State Atheism (Communism) on Russia. It is this particular sin which God especially demands that there be public reparation for. It is for this public sin and for all that flows from this sin that God demands the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Furthermore, it is not for us to determine which people are more guilty for the state of the world. Nor are we to follow the bad example of those who do not obey God and the Blessed Virgin of Fatima. On the contrary we must obey God by praying for, working for and petitioning for the Consecration of Russia by all Catholic bishops as God commanded.

It would be sinful for us who know how important this Command of God is, to do nothing when we can do so much to bring peace to the world through the fulfillment of this Command of God.

Our Lady of Fatima tells us that peace will come to the world through the Conversion of Russia and that Russia will only be converted after the Pope and bishops properly consecrate her. It may be that we are greater sinners in Europe and North America than the Russians are, God knows, we don't know. But we do know from this Message of Fatima that peace will be given to the world when the Pope and the bishops, on one specific day, solemnly and publicly Consecrate Russia to the lmmaculate Heart of Mary. When the bishops obey this command, Russia will be converted to Catholicism. It may happen one day after this conversion of Russia that the sinners of North America and Europe will be converted through the missionary efforts of the Russians.

Be that as it may, we are not being hypocritical when we inform you of this most urgent Command of God. We are simply repeating the Message of Fatima given for the world. To pretend to be messengers of Our Lady of Fatima's entire Message and to deliberately withhold part of Her Message, that would be hypocritical. That is hypocrisy, especially if it is done deliberately to deceive one's readers and followers.

Be On Mary's Side When She Wins This Great Victory

And so, let us redouble our efforts to get Russia properly consecrated and let us not be put off by the opposition that is certain to come. It has been there already and we will face more of it still. Let us go ahead with Our Lady's help. We will win, or more exactly, Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph. Saint Maximilian Kolbe pointed out, 'although Mary does not need our help, She wants us to participate in Her victory'. So, let us do our part to be on Her side when She wins this great victory for God over forces of satan and his followers.


1. See "Today's Crisis Within The Church Is Because Russia Is Spreading Her Errors" in this book.

2. Read Our Lady's Urgent Appeal to see how the Militant Atheists of North America secretly fight against us and help Communist Russia in this war. This booklet is available from The Fatima Crusader. See also Issue No. 17, "The Catholic Church Betrayed " of The Fatima Crusader to understand the nature of this war or see "The Catholic Church Betrayed " of this book.