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What Sister Lucy Thinks

Regarding The Consecration Of Russia

by Abbé Pierre Caillon
Taken from the magazine Stella Maris, February, 1987 issue.

Since March 25, 1984, I had never been able to ascertain in an absolutely certain manner the thought of Sister Lucy of Fatima on the Act of Consecration accomplished on that day by Pope John Paul II, and the bishops of the whole world. Now from September 14-19, 1986, an important Symposium was held in Fatima. On that occasion I went to Portugal and by Divine Providence I received two favors which I must share with you.

I began my visit to Portugal at Porto, where I know a family that paid for Sister Lucy's lodging when she was a teen-ager. One could say that this family constitutes old friends for Lucy; they go very often and very regularly to see Lucy at the Carmel of Coimbra. I spoke especially with a lady who is just four years younger than Lucy, and the chief figure of that family. When this person goes to see Lucy, once she returns home she notes with care the most important things Lucy said. This will be able to serve for history, but it can only be published after the death of Sister Lucy. For a long time I would go to see this person, once or twice a year. I avoid asking questions, because usually she murmurs: "I am not able to say."

However, on my arrival in Portugal on Friday, September 12, 1986, I dared to put the question: "The consecration of Russia?" Then she stood up and solemnly declared, choosing her words carefully: "If you wish, I can swear to you with my hand on the Gospels: "The consecration of Russia has not been done." And as I asked her why, she showed me a little pamphlet which I had possessed for a long time: To the Messenger of Jesus by Father Humberto Maria Pasquale. I was well acquainted with the author of this pamphlet, and would see him from time to time in the suburbs of Turin, until he died recently.

The obvious intention of Father Pasquale in writing this pamphlet is to demonstrate that Our Lady never said, "consecration of the world" to the children of Fatima, but always and uniquely, "consecration of Russia". This means that when they make the consecration of Russia, Russia must appear as the sole object of the consecration. Thus the consecration must speak neither of the world, nor of all people, nor the human race, nor of all nations. It is necessary that the man in the street be able to understand immediately that it refers uniquely and solely to Russia. And why? Because Our Lady has spoken only of Russia and we must not change anything.

After my stay at Porto, I went to Fatima, where I stayed from Saturday, September 13th to the 19th, with another person who is from Lucy's family, and who also goes to see Lucy very often at the Carmel of Coimbra. I have known this person for many years. When I speak with her, I avoid asking questions, also for the same reasons. This time however, during the whole seven days, at all the meals we spoke of only one thing: the consecration of Russia. And she repeated to me 100 times, 1000 times, in every tone of voice, "The consecration of Russia has not been done." That I can say because Lucy has repeated it to all the world.

When they make the consecration of Russia, Russia must appear clearly as being the sole object of the consecration, and there must be no dissimulating from the fact that it has to do with Russia and only with Russia, because it is the consecration of Russia that Our Lady has commanded. When one baptizes a child, one calls him by his name, and when Russia is consecrated, it must be named in such a manner that the whole world can well understand that it has to do with Russia and not something else.

Unfortunately, the members of the Symposium seemed to suppose that the consecration had been done and that it sufficed now to work to establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart alongside devotion to the Sacred Heart. But even if Sister Lucy were to die suddenly - let us recall that she is eighty years old - her friends who know exactly her thoughts, will never permit it to be pretended that the consecration has been done.

Sometimes it is asked: "Who is judge, the Pope or Sister Lucy?" Certainly Sister Lucy has always been very respectful of all the authorities of the Church, but Sister Lucy is evidently the only one to know what Our Lady told her, and the only one who can authentically transmit the Message to whomever has the right to receive it. All this seems profoundly clear to me.

After each great attempt at making the consecration, in 1942, in 1952, in 1964, in 1982, there have been many people, even in high places, who have believed and said that the consecration was made, but the little voice (Sister Lucy) coming from Portugal said no. Similarly, after the great attempt in 1984, there are people who believed and proclaimed that this time it is done, but the same little voice coming from the Carmel of Coimbra still says no. When we say the consecration, of course, we are speaking of the consecration of Russia.

What must be done now? It must be explained to everyone that, in this matter, one must radically suppress the words "world, human race, humanity, all nations, all peoples" and say solely, consecration of Russia. Let us strive to obtain the adhesion, the support of all bishops for this consecration.