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How Some Clergy Oppose Fatima Today

Most Catholics do not know that God has given to our times, the most serious and gravely obligatory Message of Our Lady of Fatima. This widespread ignorance about this most important matter prevents the whole world from having peace immediately. Too many people are kept in ignorance about the full Message of Fatima by the longstanding opposition of a few very powerful Cardinals, Bishops and Priests.

At Fatima on May 13, 1982 when Pope John Paul II consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, he said to Our Lady of Fatima, "How pained we are that the invitation to repentance, to conversion, to prayer, has not met with the acceptance that it should have received." It is true that the Message of Fatima has not been received as it should have been. Not only has the Message of Fatima not been listened to, it has been actively opposed.

A few years ago, when the Pilgrim Statue was visiting a parish in the Mid-West, the Mother Superior of the Convent where the statue was visiting overnight said to the priest guardian of the statue, "Father, the people received the statue visit of Our Lady very well." With which the priest guardian replied, "That is right, Sister, the people always receive the statue very well, once Our Lady gets past the roadblocks." The pastor of that small town then spoke up and said, "Sister, what Father means is that when he gets past the opposition of the clergy and is able to bring the statue to the parishes and to the people, then the people respond well." The pastor then went on to relate how, because he had invited the Pilgrim Statue to his parish, he had to endure all sorts of flack, all sorts of opposition and harassment, from his brothers in the Clergy.

Even Bishops Oppose Fatima

This true episode is not an isolated incident. On the contrary, it is typical of the opposition to Our Lady of Fatima on the part of too many influential and powerful priests and bishops.

Yet these anti-Mary priests and bishops, generally speaking, do not show this opposition of theirs to the general public except in a veiled way. Nor do they dare to admit their true motives to a bishop who is trying to serve Our Lady of Fatima.

To illustrate our point, we recount the following true incident. At the beginning of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, a North American Catholic Archbishop was telephoned by three "supposedly Catholic" bishops who knew the Archbishop. Each bishop separately telephoned to give their unsolicited advice to the Archbishop. They told him to not help a certain Catholic priest who was promoting Our Lady of Fatima. These three bishops alleged that something was wrong with the priest, namely that he did not give Communion in the hand.1 The Archbishop recognized that these "Catholic Bishops" had an ulterior motive for their phone calls so he asked them very simply, "What is the matter? Don't you believe in Fatima?" He awaited each bishop's answer. If the bishop replied yes, then the Archbishop would ask a second question. "Why then do you persecute Father ... ?" If the bishop said no, that bishop would find himself in a very embarrassing position under the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II since the Archbishop would then be witness to their admitted unbelief and it would therefore be hard to deny. As was to be expected, each of the three bishops declined to answer the Archbishop and that was the end of each conversation. These three telephone conversations are true as I have the Archbishop's word for it.

Part Of Fatima Message Is Especially Silenced

In the Church today, good priests and bishops are held back by bad priests and bishops but it is generally done in such a way as to not be seen by most of the lay people or even by a number of priests.

Thus it happens that many good priests and even bishops are in effect reduced to silence when it comes to speaking about the Message of Fatima, especially about certain aspects of the Message. This is especially true about those parts of the Fatima Message which relate to: the vision of hell; the errors of Communist Russia being spread throughout the world; the need for a solemn public ceremony of Reparation for the crimes committed against God and man by Soviet Russia; The requests of Our Lady of Fatima and of God Himself for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; the terrible punishments the world must pay for the disobedience by the bishops as well as the lay people to the commands of Our Lady of Fatima, the loss of many souls for all eternity due to the refusal by too many priests and people to obey Our Lady of Fatima's Urgent and Final Message.

Thus you can see that the Message of Fatima is not only "not welcome", it is positively combated in some places. It is obviously not only at the local parish level or diocesan level but even at levels much higher as well within the Church that the Message of Fatima has been actively opposed. For example, some bishops and "Catholic Writers" in Britain opposed the Pope's Consecration of the 'World' on March 25, 1984 to Our Lady of Fatima. Upon reading about the 'Vatican-Moscow Agreement' and reading the article "Why the Vatican-Moscow Agreement Should Be Repudiated", we can now begin to understand why the Message of Fatima has been fought fiercely by some bishops and priests for a number of years.

Vatican-Moscow Agreement Aids Communist Infiltration Of Church And Blocks Our Lady Of Fatima's Intervention

Briefly, this opposition to Fatima takes place as a result of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement (which apparently the Secretariat of Vatican State still holds to). The bishops and even the priests get directly or indirectly the message from the Secretariat of State to 'not criticize Russia publicly or even privately'. As a result of the unilateral disarmament of the Church, the Communist priests infiltrated among us do their subversive destruction of the Faith unhindered among us because many priests and people shy away from being an anti-Communist these days due to this influence of the Vatican Secretariat of State. And yet, anti-Communism is part of the Church's message because Communism is anti-Christ and a true Christian has to be anti-Communist.

We can see why Our Lady of Fatima, because of Her tremendous love for us, warns us explicitly about the persecution of the Catholic Church caused by the errors of Communist Russia. These errors are so serious that they cause many souls to go to hell forever. The eternal salvation of each one of us in North America is also seriously endangered by the spread of these errors.

Yet, such clergy who would obey the perfidious Vatican-Moscow Agreement rather than God, do not appreciate it when Our Lady of Fatima tells us the truth that Communist Russia is dangerous and persecutes us and spreads her errors.

All Are Obliged To Obey Fatima's Requests

Thus it happens that Our Lady of Fatima is pushed off to one side so that the people will not hear Her. These same false pastors tell those who do happen to hear of Our Lady of Fatima's Message that "You don't have to believe in Fatima to save your souls."

As we have demonstrated in The Fatima Crusader these arguments are clearly false. On the contrary, the faithful, the priests and the bishops and even the Pope must obey Our Lady of Fatima. No one has ever been able to show or even attempted to show that this duty does not bind us all.

We are then all bound to obey Our Lady of Fatima. Yet, as a result of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement, Our Lady of Fatima is being pushed aside by these false arguments as well as by various techniques hidden from the general public.

Fatima Crusader Is Persecuted!

The same opposition is applied to Her messengers. That is, the Message of Fatima and those who carry Her Message in its entirety, such as The Fatima Crusader, are combated. They are combated by various techniques and this combating of The Fatima Crusader has gone on for a number of years. But it is done in such a manner, that it is not generally evident to the public.

Hence the people who wish to spread the Message of Fatima, are themselves opposed and offered alternatives such as "Tone down the Message of Fatima." "Oh, you can keep the name and give 'Fatima' a pious nod once in a while, but don't give the whole Message of Our Lady." So the temptation is there for various Fatima workers and groups in the light of these circumstances, to remain silent or to water down part of Our Lady of Fatima's Message. This is particularly true for that part of Her Message which refers to the errors of Russia and the need, the DESPERATE NEED today that the Church and the world has TO SEE that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit ARE OBEYED when they COMMAND the Pope and the bishops to Consecrate Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart.

In conclusion then, let no one be under any illusion. Too many priests and bishops still continue to oppose the Message of Fatima privately, by various means which are at their disposal. The Fatima Crusader has seen this for over five years now. Furthermore, the faithful must not be misled any more by people, even priests who say that you don't have to believe or follow the Message of Fatima.

We know that the opposition to Fatima exists and that the betrayal of the Faith has gone on for twenty-two years by the "Vatican-Moscow Agreement". Thus we now should more than ever arm ourselves spiritually and inform ourselves about this most important event of the 20th Century - the Message of Fatima, upon which depends the peace of the whole world and the salvation of many souls. Be informed and react now, before it is too late for you and your families. Be of good cheer, Our Lady will protect all Her dear ones. Be dear to the Blessed Virgin Mary by obeying Her Message of Fatima.


According to the law of the Church all over the world, Communion is to be given on the tongue. In all those countries which have received the Indult for Communion in the hand there are certain very important and strict conditions the Vatican insists must exist first, before Communion can ever be given in the hand. This priest has pointed out to bishops in written accounts how, in practice in North America, these conditions do not prevail and therefore, he is bound by the law of God, the actual law of the Church, and by his conscience, to not give Communion in the hand. 1.