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While Some Church men Oppose Him
Vatican-Moscow Agreement
The Pope Moves Away From The

Section IX

There is an ongoing struggle within the ranks of the Catholic Hierarchy and in the Roman Curia. Some, like Cardinal Casaroli desire that the Church continue to honor the Vatican-Moscow Agreement. The Holy Father, who as Cardinal Wojtyla once said that it is impossible to negotiate with the Communists, is attempting to steer the Church away from the agreement. The Soviets, after all, are Leninists, and it was Lenin who wrote, "The lie is sacred, and deception will be our principal weapon", and, "it is necessary ... not to convince but to break up the ranks of the opponent. Not to correct an opponent's mistake but to destroy him, to wipe his organization off the face of the earth." Cardinal Casaroli is ordering the public policy of the Church according to the principle that we can and must negotiate with Communist governments who operate according to Lenin's principles.

The articles presented in this section show that there are high-ranking members of the hierarchy who are trying to assist the Holy Father in the task of steering the policy of the Church away from the disastrous agreement, while at the same time there are traitors in high places who are resisting the Holy Father.