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Vatican-Moscow Agreement - But Is Constrained To Not Give It Up Just Yet
Pope Wants Out Of

Dear Friend of Jesus and Mary,

The Church is in a battle. It is not a battle that has been chosen by the Church rather it is a war that evil men have chosen to pick with the Church. It is primarily the fight of the devil and his followers against Our Lady of Fatima and Her followers. The Blessed Virgin Mary is to triumph over the devil, She shall crush the serpent's head. Her final victory is assured. "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, it will be converted and a period of peace will be given to the world."

This fight of the Church with the forces of Communism is based on the fact that the Church - the new Jerusalem - promotes, fosters and teaches people to avoid sin; sin, the devil, his pomps and works, the desires of the flesh and those people who have given themselves over to the pursuit of sin. Pope John Paul II knows we are in a fight against Marxism, and Communism. He has said so clearly in his encyclical published in 1986 (see "Marxism Is At War Against The Church" in this book for the text of the appropriate passages).

Faced with this fight against organized militant Atheism which did not start today or yesterday but many years ago, the Church, that is the Pope, the bishops, priests and laity have been faced with different choices - which essentially break down to two - either to fight or to give up the fight. There appears to be other choices but this is only in appearance.

Let us first of all remember that the Church is faced with a powerful enemy. That all the powers of the devil and of all the devil's followers eventually in various ways lend their support to this enemy. The enemy has power, influence, money, political power both nationally and internationally. It has powerful sympathizers at all levels of society. It has military might. It has torture and secret police to back it up.

Against the physical strength - the Church has nothing. Its financial strength is nil compared to the billions and billions of dollars the Communist apparatus has around the world. The Church has a moral voice that is still highly respected but against this, the militant Atheists in North America and around the world have control of most of the media, so that the message of the Church and the Pope does not get out very clearly. Furthermore, subtle attacks are made upon its moral authority so that the Church continues to lose its ground.

The Civil authority's role is to uphold the Law of God and to protect the God-given rights of the Church. Since the Atheists took over in Russia the Church is dependent on the "free" West to protect it from the military might of Russia, but since 1917 and especially after 1945 - the Church could not depend on the West to protect the flock behind Russia's Iron Curtain.

In fact, the advance of Soviet domination goes on and on. Now there is Nicaragua, Afghanistan, etc. One billion and 500 million people are enslaved with no free country prepared to liberate the captive nations. About one-third of the world is already under Soviet domination and the rest of the world is not safe. In fact we are in grave danger. There is evidence that the Soviets are ready to take over many more places very soon.

For example, the Nicaraguan Communist Minister Thomas Borge has stated publicly that they intend to invade all Central American countries. And after enslaving them all, including Mexico, they intend to invade the U.S.A. with the avowed intention of killing millions of American citizens. Against such prospects there have been those who have deluded themselves and their followers with the thought that we need not worry because Communist Russia is changing. Russia is converting. Such nonsense is not new. Even in supposedly pious Fatima circles in the 1950's there were a few wild-eyed optimists who said Russia had dropped its goal of worldwide enslavement of the rest of us. Yet, since 1960, very many people have been enslaved, tortured and murdered by Soviet Russia and its agents. Many whole countries have been enslaved.

Recall the example of the boat people of Vietnam in the 1970's who fled out to sea risking their lives (many thousands did die out at sea) rather than stay in Communist Vietnam. Recall the three million Cambodians killed in 3 years from 1975 to 1978 by Communist masters who killed one half the total population of that country. Obviously Russia and the Communists had not changed. But such propaganda from even Catholics and people pretending to promote Fatima shows how effective the Soviet propaganda machine was then.

It is still true today that Soviet Russia has not changed today nor has its propaganda. Let us in 1987 observe the fact that there is one "Catholic" magazine which devotes many pages of a recent issue to spreading this old lie. Yet the war in Afghanistan rages on. The torture, the cruelty, the murder of the poor Afghans continues unabated. The armed invasion of Afghanistan, a sovereign country, by Communist Russia has not ceased, rather it continues. There is no apology, no pullback of Soviet troops, no cessation of victims and refugees, and Soul magazine tells us Russia is converting!1

In Nicaragua, Moscow through its puppet regime of the Sandinistas still fights the Church. By means of military power, financial support, state television and the press, the Sandinista puppet regime attacks the Church by "creating" a new popular church. By this strategy, the Communists seek to destroy the Catholic Church by replacing it with a puppet church, a tool of the Communists. There the Sandinistas attack the bishops to intimidate them.

As of March 1987, the Sandinistas have not allowed Bishop Vega, a native Nicaraguan, who is the President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nicaragua, to return there after forcibly exiling him in July 1986. If the alleged conversion of Russia were genuine then Bishop Vega would be allowed to return and the "popular" Sandinista church disbanded. Then the Catholic priests of Lithuania and other places now in Soviet prisons would be released. They have not been. They are still unjustly sentenced and harshly treated.

In the Ukraine, the Eastern Rite Catholics there are all treated badly as a matter of public policy by the Soviets. By imposing the phony Synod of Lviv of 1946 (see page 30, issue No. 22* of The Fatima Crusader) and officially recognized by the K.G.B. stooge Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian Communists have outlawed the Eastern Rite Catholics from practicing their faith and remaining faithful to Rome.

" in this book. Ukrainian Catholic Bishops Protest Russian Communist Persecution*See "

They have defined by this false Synod that if you are Eastern Rite in the Ukraine, then you must go to the schismatic Russian Orthodox church. Yet the Russians claim the Ukrainians are free to practice their religion. This still goes on to this day. The Pope knows this, and has denounced this false Synod imposed by the Russian Communists.

The Pope knows he should obey Our Lady of Fatima, in order to stop all this persecution, but he feels he needs more help. He needs your prayers and your moral support. But because of the power of the Communists over the large territories where the Church is, the Pope cannot speak out very loudly and clearly and repeatedly to let you know how badly he needs your help.

He is still (until he feels enough support from the whole Church - especially in that part living in what is called "the free world") constrained to negotiate with the Communists because he is trying to help those behind the iron curtain. One of the terms of negotiation with Moscow is that the Pope and the bishops do not denounce the errors of Communism.

This silence keeps the rest of the people living in false security because the watchmen (the Pope and the bishops) have been forced to keep silence. Thus, over time the Communists hope to enslave us all because most of our leaders have been silenced and over time the flock, taking the silence to be an indication that all is well, will go on not realizing the danger they are in until it is too late.

Meanwhile, Soviet propaganda is not silent, so-called "Catholic" papers and magazines subtly introduce Communist ideas into the minds of the unsuspecting faithful. The Soviets hope to win the propaganda war - whereby the faithful will one day wake up and welcome Communism because they have been led to believe it is compatible with Christianity. Such a lie which has been repeated often enough, while not opposed by the bishops has already misled millions of people and will mislead millions more if it continues.

That is what is happening even in the United States and Canada. Even bishops are found to be promoting Marxism as if it were good. Others do not say this but promote it in fact by lending the Church's prestige and money to the Communist cause. This is done through various groups appearing to be in the Church (see Hamish Fraser's article on this in issue No. 19, page 7 of The Fatima Crusader)*.

of this book. "Pope John Paul II Fears Bishops' Open Rebellion"*See

Over time, in fact very soon, unless the Pope and the bishops do obey Jesus' command to consecrate Russia then we shall all be enslaved. Then the Catholic bishops will be imprisoned and executed as Jesus indicated in that frightful prophecy in 1931 to Sister Lucia given in Rianjo, Spain.

Briefly then, the Church can either fight, keep silent about Communism, or give up the fight and embrace Communism. If it gives up, we shall all be Communist and cease being Catholic.

This would be the obvious result of the Church embracing Communism. To this obvious conclusion, there are those who imply we need not be concerned about the Church falling under the domination of Communist Russia because the Church, Jesus told us, will remain to the end of time. To this we must point out that Jesus also told us there would be a great falling away from the faith before He returned.

Scripture tells us that there would be a great Apostasy (1 Thess. 2:11). So while a few will remain faithful and therefore demonstrate on Judgement Day the truth that the Church did in fact remain to the end of time, for a great number of people under worldwide Soviet oppression, they will apostatize and thereby lose their souls.

If the Church chooses to keep silent we shall in time all become Communists as explained above. If the Church fights Communism it is not enough to simply oppose Communism with the Church's meager natural means, it must use the weapons of God. It must obey this plan of God.

It was not enough for Moses to be chosen leader of the people of God in the Old Testament. He had to believe and obey God before he and the people escaped the military might of the Egyptian army. He had to make a simple act of faith and obedience required of him. He had to extend his hand over the Red Sea. The Pope and the bishops must obey2 the command of Jesus given through the Message of Fatima and as expressed by Our Lady.

But we must do our part. The Pope at present, wants to do what Our Lady asks, at the same time he feels he cannot do it yet. In the meantime he feels he must negotiate with the Communists and thus he cannot speak out as repeatedly as necessary.

Thus, we see his policy eventually leads to surrender in the long run, but he hopes against hope for a way out. It would seem that there is a plan in Divine Providence for a way out.

That plan to save the world is Heaven's Peace Plan: the message of Our Lady of Fatima. No other plan will work. When the Holy Father, together with all the bishops, consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, then (and only then) God will grant a period of peace to the whole world. Let us pray ceaselessly and spare no effort to assist the Holy Father to free the Church from the strictures of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement and fulfill Our Lady of Fatima's request.


Section V "The Church, (That Is The Faithful, The Bishops, The Pope) Has The Obligation To Obey Our Lady's Reques of this book. Also the whole of "The Bishops Must Obey Our Lady Of Fatima" See 2.
has suggested this in various issues. See, for example, March-April 1987.Soul Magazine 1.t" further explains this point.